Initial Chiropractic Assessment

Consultation and Examination

Receive a consultation where you are heard, and a comprehensive examination to find the root cause of pain, instead of chasing your symptoms.

Comprehensive Adjustment

Experience inclusive adjustments designed to elevate your health to a new level. Integrated treatments are tailored to achieve whole body wellness and help you reach maximum therapeutic benefit

  • 4 segment spinal adjustment (valued at $85)
  • Extremity adjustment(s) (valued at $55)
  • Free Physical Therapy Modalities as needed: Hot/cold therapy, neuromuscular re-education, percussor therapy, manual therapy, mechanical traction, exercise instruction, ultrasound, electrical stimulation. (each modality valued at $35)
  • Valued at $ 280

Chiropractic ReSet Packages

Ultimate Health Reset Packages

During Initial stages of care, more frequent visits are required to change existing patterns of misalignment and minimize symptoms. Our care plans are designed to offer you the ultimate health reset. Clinical studies prove that the quicker the sessions are completed, as close together in frequency as possible, the better the results

Chiropractic Wellness Goal Plans


This care is designed for patients who have already experienced their ultimate spinal reset, and are ready to keep their investment in their health by preventing regression. Accumulated stress and tension built up in the body are released during wellness care.
And continued correction will further straighten scoliotic curves, improve posture, preserve your spine, optimize brain and nervous system function, so you can continue to Stay Well, and Be Well.


Promoting whole family wellness is the key to helping families build healthy futures! At our office we love elevating mom’s, dad’s, and teens, tweens, and little ones to higher health. The entire family benefits from personalized chiropractic care that encourages physical healing and optimizes the mind-body connection through a holistic approach.
Add a loved one to your plan and experience vitality as a family.