Gut Microbiome Testing

What is microbiome testing?

The intestinal microbiome of the gut plays a role in common health conditions. Microbiome testing is a useful diagnostic tool using genetic sequencing, which helps to identify the proper balance needed to correct and improve gut health. Using a stool sample, bioinformatic analysis is used to compare a patients microbiome with that of a healthy individual. The gut report will reveal the composition, balance and levels of bacteria and fungi inside of the gut. This useful tool will provide additional information to assist patients and doctors to develop a specific plan to help support digestive health. Not only will diverse and robust microbiome may help support digestive health, but also brain health, mood and overall health.

In addition to microbiome analysis, the Gut Report includes individualized recommendations and/or insights that include food-based supplements based on the test results to:

  1. Measure. Taking supplements and modifying diet and lifestyle does not guarantee a balanced microbiome – it must be measured.
  2. Modify. With results and insights from the Gut Report, you will have the tools to personalize supplement choices, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications.
  3. Monitor. Track how dietary, lifestyle, and supplement changes affect the Gut health and score.

Get ready for a experience a healthier gut and a healthier you!

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