Functional Nutrition


Have you been struggling with unresolved health issues that have either been difficult to diagnose or completely unresolved with traditional Western medicine? Perhaps you are burnt out on having to rely on certain medications for a lifetime. If so, maybe it’s time for a different approach with Functional Nutrition.


Functional Nutrition is a personalized and integrative approach to healthcare which involves understanding the prevention, management and root causes of complex chronic illness. We provide patient centered care and treat the body as a whole (as opposed to traditional care, which is typically centered on treating symptoms). Functional nutrition addresses chronic disease by supporting a healthy gut, balancing hormones, removing toxins, and restoring vital nutrients by giving the body the nutrition it needs through a proper diet and supplementation.

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Our specialty is balancing human pathways for optimum health. By combining our clinical expertise, and scientific and nutritional tools we can help balance pathways to repair damage caused by illness or disease. We assist the body in promoting the best opportunities to heal these imbalances that result in illness. Combining an array of modalities such as laboratory blood analysis, hair mineral analysis, nutrition response testing, microbiome testing, saliva testing, and structural and nervous system assessments to optimize healing protocols. With functional nutrition, we’ll support the body so that it can heal itself from the inside out!

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Muscle testing
  • Health Scan
  • Supplementation Support
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