Geriatric Chiropractic

Senior Care

The elderly go through big changes in their spine as they increase in age, but that doesn’t mean they have to live with reduced mobility and more constant pain! At our office we work with the elderly to ensuring mobility and can help with reducing the frequency on pain.  Specialized gentle treatments provides powerful pain relief, and with our functional approach treats the cause of the pain, and not the symptoms. Dr. Mary’s natural and holistic approach offers services to elders to improve your mobility, increase flexibility, and reduce muscle pain.

Seniors under chiropractic care notice more freedom and enjoyment in their golden years. We have seen with our patients, combining adjustments and adding nutritional support, can even minimize medication use and improve overall health condition!

Our senior community is a growing one, call us to find out how you can stay bright and healthy in your golden years!

Ginger Peter

Smiling under her mask!
Enjoying her healthiest self by combining Chiropractic and Nutrition therapies.

Helen Chan

94 years old Helen Chan staying strong and vibrant with chiropractic.


Sue Allen

Keeping healthy and active with safe and gentle Chiropractic care!

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