Students and Young Athletes:


Everyday more and more students and young athletes are experiencing posture related pain and symptoms that can be avoided with chiropractic well  checks. From trucking heavy backpacks class to class weighing 20 pounds or  more, and sitting at desk for hours on end, it’s no wonder our kids are  developing conditions like scoliosis, neck and low back pain.


“Sit up straight!” Is what parents often tell their kids, not realizing it is difficult to keep straight and even be uncomfortable trying to due to chronic  misalignments. These misalignments known as subluxations are restricting  full mobility. The body adapts to this by scarring the surrounding area with  muscle tightness and adhesions to protect it, causing pain and inflammation.  This is similar to how unchecked dental hygiene can lead to tarter and dental cavities. Years of ongoing stress of the spine increases the likelihood of early onset of scoliosis, and spinal degeneration and leading to pain.


Young athletes also need regular wellness visits to maximize performance and minimize injuries. Professional and serious athletes have special therapies and training programs that include chiropractic to help keep their body strong and limber. Studies show that with regular chiropractic care athletes can improve their performance by 17% with a well tuned body! Set healthy habits for your child now to and schedule a spinal checkup today!

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