Welcome to our Virtual Clinic!

Virtual appointments give you the opportunity to speak with our qualified Chiropractors and Nutritionist without having to attend our clinic, ensuring you get the right advice and support you need to help facilitate your recovery. All consultations take place via our website.

What are Virtual Appointments?

Virtual appointments are consultations which take place over webcam. We offer Chiropractic and Nutritional web-based appointments. For chiropractic services, you’ll receive evidence based help with managing any musculoskeletal pains or disorders you are experiencing. For nutritional therapy services you will you will receive appropriate guidance and nutritional program designed from a licensed doctor.

Appointments can easily be booked by clicking the button below and enable you to start your video appointment with just one click!

Virtual Consultation: What to Expect

In this consultation, your practitioner will take a detailed history and conduct an investigation into your condition virtually. Furthermore, if additional tests are indicated, an onward referral can be arranged. You may be given a diagnosis and management advice. This can include exercise, self-help advice and home guidance, and nutritional support programs to fit your needs.

Questions or Concerns?

You can easily reach us by contacting us via email or call the clinic to speak with our assistant.

Please note, no hands-on therapy can be provided in this consultation. You may require more than one consultation in order to help with your problem.

To book your consultation, please follow the button below.